Agnès Ricart Gregori


Agnes is an illustrator, designer and visual artist from Valencia, Spain. She grew up in a tiny village before moving to the city ten years ago to study Fine Arts and an MA on Art Production at UPV. On top of that, Agnes also studied in the UK for a year and got a couple of degrees in poetry creation and narrative because of her love for writing. We spoke to the artist about some of her favourite subjects to draw and her biggest inspirations. 

Gregori’s interest in illustration started when she was a little kid and spent hours reading and loving any type of books, especially ones with beautiful images. "Ever since then I dedicated most of my time and energy to draw and paint all sorts of things, transforming my aesthetic or style as I grow up. As a child I always had absolute creative freedom. Although my parents are not artists, they did value very much my creative need and totally supported me on following my aim."  We chatted with the illustrator about what it's like to be a creative in Spain; "Well, to be honest I'm not completely aware of what does it implies. All I know is that you have to fight hard for your work to be considered, especially if you are a woman. I do have lots of friends who decided to move out in order to get better jobs and more opportunities."


"All I know is that you have to fight hard for your work to be considered, especially if you are a woman."


A distinctive colour palette is one of the many elements that stand out in her work. "On the illustration field there's the need of creating a solid colour palette that defines your style, as a way of branding your work. When I first started, about a year ago, I used a softer colour palette with less saturation and zero extreme tones. But the more I draw, the more evidences I get that the aesthetic is as fluid as your life sense, and so it does transform with time even if it remains similar to the one you begun with."

"For some reason I get specially inspired at midday and midnight, when I'm working or doing any sort of daily task. When I get the idea I try to sketch it and try different compositions on paper or directly on illustrator. Sometimes I look for pictures as a visual support for my idea, mainly when working with human subjects for anatomy information. Whenever I feel blocked I like to go for a long walk and explore the work of artists that I've never seen before." Agnes gets very inspired by the work of contemporary artists and illustrators like Michael Staniak, Hiva Alizadeh or Damselfrau. And lately, the artist has been totally in love with the sensitivity of Eero Lampinen and Ram Han. As for Agnes' favourite piece of work? "I love Scenery Series from Hiva Alizadeh and Fictions from Michael Staniak, because of its outstanding chromatic compositions and textures.”

Agnes has also been working on some exciting projects for the future we’re looking forward to seeing. "I am working on a very interesting love story for an app that will be released at the end of the summer, along with a couple of commissions for magazines that I've been looking forward to create for a long time."