Andres Gallardo

Andres Gallardo is a self taught photographer from Spain who is currently living in Estonia. Coming from an audiovisual field studying advertising and graphic design, we first discovered Gallardo's work through his incredible series 'La Muralla Roja' which boasts stunning architecture and photo compositions. We spoke to the photographer about living in Estonia and got to know more about his 'Urban Geometry' project.

Gallardo has his mother and brother to thank for getting into photography. “They got me a camera as a gift, and then I had no other choice than to learn how to use it. I can say it's the best material gift I ever got, probably because it made me develop in ways I could have never expected.”  Gallardo’s work boasts an impeccable eye for composition and the photos from his trip to La Muralla Roja definitely does not disappoint.  

"There are many factors making a photo stand out. Composition, colours, technique, dramatics, a special or unique's hard to say."

"I only shoot digital. As a child I had a couple of crappy film cameras, but that's all my experience with film. I'd love to learn how to develop film though, it looks like a fascinating process. I remember I did it as a child a couple of times, but I wouldn't remember anything now. The best camera I ever used is my current one, Nikon D800. But there are better ones out there."

Gallardo's 'Urban Geometry Project' is a series of beautifully captured architectural photography from places such as Copenhagen, Tallinn, Berlin and Alicante. "My Urban Geometry project was born quite spontaneously. I'd visit a city and walk around making photos. But now I do a little research before, in order to discover more great architecture. There are many sites I check before traveling, like Dezeen, Archdaily and I also get quite many ideas through Behance or Instagram."

"The creative scene in Estonia is pretty good. And something I love about Estonia is that you can actually meet the artists you admire and make all the contacts. It's an advantage of small countries."


Gallardo admits that he's not very good at giving people advice about getting into photography but would "tell them to explore different photography fields, techniques and find the one they enjoy the most. If they are into architecture photography I'd tell them to follow other photographers for inspiration and gather feedback."