Gabriela del valle


Gabriela Del Valle is an illustrator currently residing in Venezuela. When we first saw her body of work, we were captivated by her way of illustrating everyday objects and scenes through simple elements like geometric shapes and grids. As a child, Del Valle grew obsessed with colouring books, and it is clearly evident that her use of colours play such a strong role as you can see in her work. We caught up with the illustrator about architectural elements to her work, what inspires her colour palette and how the current state of Venezuela is causing a shift in the country's creative scene.

"I was born and raised in South America, in Venezuela. I studied architecture for three years until I found out that I wanted to learn a few things that I knew architecture was not going to teach me. And so I stopped that and started studying visual communication; I was more interested in learning about the digital world and that career helped me learn the necessary tools that I use nowadays. I started to illustrate when I finished my studies as a daily practice. I always had ideas drawn but over time I discovered the best way to bring them to reality, and as a girl I had an obsession with colouring books. I loved colouring much more than drawing; choosing colours was the most fun for me."


"Everything for me has a geometric beginning and that's very interesting and inspirational for me."


When we first came across Del Valle’s work, it was evident that she has a very distinct style to her work - clean lines, grids, geometry. We talked more about how her style developed over the years. “It's crazy because my style has been changing over the years. I think that is part of my personality; I am very changeable and I get bored very fast. Now I am more aware of that and I try to use it to my advantage. I have realised that I can change techniques but ideas and environments always lead to the same - geometry, colour, architecture, etc. I get inspired by everyday life and the simple and basic shapes. Everything for me has a geometric beginning and that's very interesting and inspirational for me."


Del Valle currently resides in Venezuela and we were curious to find our more about the creative scene there as well her inspirations that have shaped her art. According to Del Valle, the creative scene in Venezuela is "almost dead". "We are living in a dark era of dictatorship and communism in my country, which has generated a huge amount of talent fleeing to other sides of the world", she says. "The positive side is that we live in a technological age, and that helps a little that we are all in contact and supporting each other and the many talented people who have sadly left the country." Del Valle cites the Memphis group as one of her inspirations, including the father and creator of the movement - Ettore Sottsass. "I love Japanese minimal architecture, and I also love botanical illustrations.  I also get very inspired by home decor catalogs; I feel like I could spend hours watching furniture, and also technical tiny pieces for construction. I love to see math books or physics books as they have cool illustrations and drawings that represent some theories of that field. It also inspires me to make colour palettes."


Besides illustrating, Del Valle also experiments with 3D compositions. "It helps me a lot for texture research and how I can play with shapes. I also like doing a little bit of animation and I would love to do sculpture or architectural prototypes of some ideas; maybe soon. I have many ideas. I see myself with more knowledge and trying to do the things close to what is in my mind." In terms of the future, Del Valle would love to eventually run her own business and focus on things that serve a purpose to everyday life. With an incredible artistic repertoire and body of work, we're looking forward to seeing what the illustrator has in store in the next few years.