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JAVILOSTCONTROL is a Madrid-based illustrator who has created an exciting visual identity through his moniker. His illustrations are wonderfully animated with his loud colours and intricate details, and looking through his body of work feels like you've been transported into this visually fascinating world he has created with his art. We spoke to the illustrator about how he developed his style, his artistic inspirations and what keeps him going as an artist.

"I was born in Guadalajara, a city located 55km from Madrid, but far away in terms of trends or artistic movements. I was educated in a Catholic school. Probably this is when my interest in art, culture and seeing far beyond Jesus started. Later I graduated twice from university and now I live in Madrid, in a loft built in an old flour factory. My interest for illustration is quite recent. I have always liked paintings, the weirder the better. When I was 6 years old I won the children's Christmas competition from my town, but it wasn't until this year when I decided to paint my own digital illustrations. And I truly love it."

"It took my illustrative style a while to come out (28 years), but it is something, for better or for worse, that has been developing during all these years. Today I could say that my style is cheese, pop, dark-minded and colorful. Always full of a confrontational attitude towards some current social practices. Due to my short career in the world of illustration, so far I have not had any important challenge, just a couple of expositions. Well, maybe the toughest moment was when a friend of mine realised that she appeared in a picture of a matchbox, in an illustration that has a strip club's advertising style. Beach Club is the name. It was embarrassing."

"My creative process is something continuous in my routine. There is always a stupid thing that catches my attention. I love the lines of the buildings, strange people on the metro (you are not alone), people who dress their dogs or ridiculous situations. At the same time, I feed my creativity with music, cinema and of course...illustrations. I never stop seeing illustrations. And more and more illustrations. Normally I do not sketch, although I tend to have an idea on my mind about what I am going to paint. Many times these ideas become something I did not expect. The process consists of sitting in front of my laptop, putting some techno music and start searching in my imagination."

"My inspiration comes from movies, especially those of David Lynch. I love terror and B series films. I also enjoy a lot of concerts (I play in a noise rock band called Tourmalet), paintings, underground culture and series like Beavis and Butthead." He also mentioned the likes of Angela Dalinger, Joan Cornella and Polly Nor as some of his favorite artists who have influenced his work.


Although it took 28 years for the illustrator to develop his style, he has undeniably beaten the odds to get to where he is today. With a solid body of work, we're excited to see more of what he has in store. He also mentioned that creativity in general is what keeps him going as an artist. "Creativity. I believe I've never lost my creativity. I am thinking all the time about new illustrations and situations. I couldn't live without it. Exciting projects are yet to come, though I can't tell them or they would kill me! In the next few years I will look a little bit older, but with the same nonsense that I have right now."