Le riquiqui

An independent designer and illustrator, Le Riquiqui emerged as a way to experiment artistically, let lucky mistakes happen and connect with other like minded creatives. Originally from a tiny country town in Australia, Le Riquiqui has spent most of her time since childhood living in London, Melbourne, tropical North Australia and France. We spoke to her about living in Sydney, future projects and what she enjoys doing when not making art.

“I actually don’t know Sydney that well, perching here has been kind of an accident. I have a great group of friends here so I came through last year to visit them and do a bit of work and ended up staying for two months. I came across The Rizzeria (a risograph printing space) and an Art + Design Collective called The Tribe who picked me up as one of their artists. Back again for another couple of months this year, I released a range of Le Riquiqui greeting cards which are now on the shelves in some of my favourite bookstores and creative retail outlets across the city, which is a great delight. Sydney has welcomed me with open arms - I guess the most influential things here are those connections. And I also have a huge crush on the dreamy sea baths, as well as some fun cafes and bars in the inner west, Redfern and Darlinghurst!”


"Spending time last summer exploring Paris and Barcelona and staying in the warehouse I used to live in in east London sparked an energy that has definitely had an effect in many ways."


“I was always drawing as a kid and knew I wanted to do something art-related from a young age. Graphic Design got the tick of approval because of the practicality and possibility to make a living. I started doing more illustrative work when I had no choice but to get it out of my system or go insane.” So what does Le Riquiqui enjoy doing when not making art? “Like a true nerd, I enjoy looking at art and reading about art. In reality, working on the ins and outs of running a small business takes up a lot of time, though I love the variety of solving everyday problems, so the days speed by. In my free time surfing is the ultimate pleasure whenever there are waves nearby, as well as traveling, exploring cities, and everyday cosy things like being with family, films, reading, drinking wine and hanging out with friends shooting the shit.”

With all of these exciting projects going on for Le Riquiqui, we spoke to her about some of her favourite projects and upcoming collaborations. "Working on a series of 6 limited edition risograph art print series last November was a lot of fun. It was my first time printing on a risograph and the first tangible thing released as Le Riquiqui publicly, so it was very exciting and a bit special, seeing everything come together. Also, an exclusive print is soon to be released through an Australian collective, and I've just started a collaboration with a label in New York."