Lukasz Goledzinowski is an illustrator and art director based in Warsaw, Poland. Goledzinowski graduated with a degree in illustration from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and currently works as an art director at an advertising agency. Goledzinowski's work caught our attention with his bold colours and playful touch to his illustrations. We spoke to the illustrator about the creative scene in Warsaw, the challenges of being an artist and trying to find the balance between being an art director and illustrator.

"I grew up in a grey block in one of Warsaw’s suburban towns. There was nothing extraordinary or special about it, but my memories from this time of my life are pretty good. My parents are not artists. In primary school, I met a friend who got me into graffiti and that was my launchpad into art. A couple of years of doing graffiti introduced me to many interesting and creative people with whom I’m still in touch. I think this part of my life has shaped my aesthetics. When I was in high school I realised that I wanted to become a professional designer or illustrator. I currently work in an advertising agency as an art director which limits my time, which truthfully I would rather spend on drawing. I’m aiming to abandon it all in the future and focus entirely on illustration."


“During my studies, I have had a lot of activities related to traditional arts such as illustration, photography, typography, or sculpture, but combined with new technologies such as animation or programming. These were hugely valuable experiences and I think that as much as I know they will be useful during my future career, for now, I’d like to focus on illustration and improving my skills in this subject. A while ago, my university invited Christopher Niemann to give students a lecture and I hope there will be more initiatives of this kind in the future! It’s a challenging scene, that’s for sure."

Currently based in Warsaw, Goledzinowski talked to us about the creative scene there and what it's like being an artist there. "Everyone is striving to get noticed, but whether you will succeed at it or not depends on your talent, a spot of luck and the determination to create your finest personal brand. There are a couple of streets in Saska Kępa where I live now which I particularly like. Saska Kępa wasn’t destroyed much during the second world war, so there is plenty of old architecture and lots of greenery. I’m also a short walk away from the river where there are plenty of hidden beaches which allow me to get some rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. I also like the old part of the district of Żoliborz and I like the southern part of Midtown, especially the area of Poznańska and Hoża streets."


Working as an art director as well as spending time as an illustrator, we delved into how Goledzinowski often gets his work done. "My creative process consists mainly of sitting in front of a piece of paper and drawing. Boring as it sounds, it helps me to maintain some regularity and recently I’ve been spending most of my time this way. I collect sketches which I like the most and continue my work on them on the computer. Sometimes I flick through my old notebooks and revisit the sketches which I didn’t like at first or which were left unfinished and I work on them until I get something good out of them. Ideas that come to me spontaneously, for example when I’m on a bus on the way to work, get saved on the phone. I like Polish illustrators like Andrzej Krajewski or Jan Młodożeniec and from international artists, I particularly appreciate Saul Steinberg, Joost Swarte, and Henri Matisse. I get inspired by lots of things, often they are just everyday objects in which I’ve noticed something cool and intriguing. I also people-watch a lot. I observe people’s behaviour with curiosity; their style, the writings on their clothes, the textures. I take pictures with my phone but I also use the Internet as a source of images of interesting people. I also go to painting exhibitions and I watch a lot of contemporary art. I believe that at some subconscious level they influence me and boost my productivity when I’m sat all alone with just a pencil and a piece of paper in front of me."


Goledzinowski's future plans already sound very exciting with the hopes of starting a zine and even a potential exhibition at the end of year. "I have been working a lot recently, so whenever I have a moment to myself I do all I can that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the computer. I mainly go for walks to air my head a little. Every single project I’m involved in I find exciting and I approach each one with the same level of dedication. Recently I was offered a solo exhibition at the end of this year. I think this would make a nice summary of 2017 with all the work I’d done and give me the opportunity to meet my friends and mingle. If I have enough time I would also like to prepare a little zine with my drawings for this occasion. As far as my plans for the future go, I hope illustrating will become my full time job and allow me to draw as much as possible. I would like to start experimenting more with textures and forms. I still feel a close bond with painting, so I'd like to give myself some time to pursue painting, too."