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Rodrigo Autric is a photographer from Madrid who is currently based in London. When we first stumbled upon the photographer’s work, we immediately felt a sense of wonder through his way of photographing everyday subjects — whether if it’s of people’s backs or a person staring into space. Having grown up surrounded by creatives, Autric’s approach to photography is capturing the intangible, be it feelings, colours, or clouds in the sky. We spoke to the photographer about his start in photography, the beauty of Spain and how his friends are his biggest inspiration.

“I grew up in a very artistically friendly and cool environment in Madrid. Both of my parents are photography and industrial design collectors, so I’ve always been able to find inspiration and creative awareness at home. Nevertheless, I never really got into photography until some of my friends in Madrid started shooting, maybe when we were around 17. I went to a regular school here in Madrid, and now I study European Studies in London.”

“Photography first came by to me through skateboarding and videography. I am a very impatient and lazy person so it seemed like photography would be a more instantaneous form of art. In addition to that, as I’ve mentioned before, my parents’ love for photography also seduced me to start taking pictures. My earliest memory of taking a photograph is in Galicia, northern Spain, taking a photo of some village houses and a lost-looking dog.”

“I definitely grew up surrounded by creatives. As mentioned above, my parents have really lured me into this world, and my sister is very artistic too. I am extremely thankful for the friends I have right now - they’re all creatives in some sort of way — musicians, photographers, painters, dancers, actors and actresses, designers… (I’d like to give a shoutout to Ana, my girlfriend, who puts up with me every day and is one of my biggest inspirations in everything I do — music, photo, painting… whatever! God bless you all <3).

When asked how he would describe his photography, Autric says it’s kind of tricky. “I like to describe it as jazzy, slinky, optimistic, colourful and bright. My aim is to (usually unsuccessfully) capture things that aren’t tangible, that seem like magic in real life — colour, light, clouds, air, the sky, moods, humour. Overall, it’s simply scrumptious!” In terms creative process and whether Autric shoots quite spontaneously or plans out his projects, the photographer says it really depends. “I continuously get obsessed with different and new forms of expression, and therefore I tend to leave other things to one side just to concentrate on one. Bruno, one of my best friends and probably the most spellbinding person I’ve met, says I should only concentrate on photography and painting because I kind of sing like an aching goat. Shoutout to you, boy!”

“Now, seriously, photography and I have a very weird relationship. I tend to dislike my work and therefore I don’t want to grab the camera anymore, and I won’t do it for months. However, every summer I tend to take the best pictures of the year. It might be the light, the temperature or the colours, but there you go. I’ll spend some time editing too; the secret midnaday colour recipe takes a while to cook. I usually shoot spontaneously, and the projects and ideas evolve from there. I spent this summer photographing people on the street (especially the third age, and with a very powerful flash) because their aesthetic and tendencies seem very interesting. Sometimes
weird and funny, some other times cute. However, a great part of my work is sometimes staged in my head before going outside, and I try to recreate that idea on the go.”

A series of images that particularly stood out to us by the photographer was his photos of people’s backs. Whilst it’s an angle that people would usually look past (ironically), Autric was able to turn it into a visual treat — something out of the ordinary. “The series came on the spot while taking pictures of people on the street and studying their geometry, size and other features. Whenever I stood behind one of my ‘models’, their circular and sometimes weird shape of their back seemed interestingly abstract.” In terms of places the photographer enjoys shooting, Spain seems to be the threshold for inspiration when it comes to visual art and his photography. “I feel like southern Spain, precisely Almería, has some sort of magic to it. It’s a very colourful and fascinating place. In addition, northern Spain, precisely Galicia, is very pretty and magical too, but in a more serene way. Southern Spain is way hotter and louder than northern Spain, but they’re both very special. Spain in general is very inspiring for any sort of visual art, and although I’ve never been to the USA, I’ve been told that I’d love it for photography. Although I currently live in London, I don’t find it very inspiring.”

“To me, my work is everything that is intangible, or magic. Things we ignore everyday, and that we don’t recognise.”

“Carlos Pérez-Siquier is my all time favourite and biggest inspiration, his photography is plain magic. Other big inspirations are Chema Madoz and Cristina de Middel. My favourite photographers are also my friends. Lalo, Santi and Alfredo, I love you and I owe you so much! We have loads of projects going on at the moment. We all have different styles but we compliment each other, and we also run an analog photography collective called @mono.sight. My favourite photograph was shot in Almería by Carlos. It’s a photo of a very skinny dog lying next to a square, white house, with some mountains and the sea to the right, below the sky and a perfect trail of clouds. I wouldn’t really imagine myself collaborating with a photographer, simply because I don’t know how to do it because I’ve never really done that. But I would love to work with Carlos.”

“To me, my work is everything that is intangible, or magic. Things we ignore everyday, and that we don’t recognise. Things like feelings, a look, air, the sky, colours, clouds (my favourite, what the hell are they? They just chill floating in the sky). Nowadays I try to portray feelings, like awkwardness and humour, for example. Oh boy, in terms of photography I have some stuff cooking, and in not too long I’ll announce it. And also, I will be working very closely with a new clothing brand called Vibora Hills. I’ll do some very dreamy portraits and a lookbook too.”

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